Lash Lifting & Tint

Beautiful, fuller can be yours

If you’ve always wanted fuller eyelashes that mimic the look of a lash extension or even a thorough application of Mascara, then a lash lift from Laser Beauty and MedSpa Center might be right for you. Our beauticians can give you a variety of styles, from fanned, to a cat-eye effect, or even just extra curly lashes, your eyes will look positively fabulous.

Think of it as a perm for your eyelashes. We apply a solution to your eyelashes, allowing us to shape them to the desired style. The result is fuller-looking lashes that radiate youthful energy.
What’s more, is the process is long-lasting and will keep your lashes looking great for six to eight weeks.

Bold lashes are yours with a simple tinting

Not only can a lash lift let your eyes look more dramatic, but a tint will give your lashes a big bold look. Tinting will make your lashes look darker, thicker, and fuller. The tinting process is particularly effective for those who have blonde or red lashes.

Get the stunning look you desire, by making an appointment at Highland, Indiana’s first choice for cosmetic eyelash enhancements. Call 219-553-7700 today!

What is the difference between lifts and extensions?

Lifts use your existing eyelashes and sculpt them to achieve the desired look you want. Eyelash extensions glue additional lashes to your eyelid and intermingle them with your own. Lifts are longer lasting as the treatment allows us to sculpt them into place for weeks to come, whereas the glue that holds the extensions in place may dissolve quickly.

What is involved in the aftercare regimen?

It is important to avoid water, steam, and eye makeup removed for a full day following your treatment, because exposure to excessive moisture can ruin the treatment. Once that timeframe has elapsed, you’ll be able to resume your routine without damaging your lashes.