Eyebrow Tinting

Discover the secret to perfect eyebrows

If you’ve been disappointed with thin eyebrows and spend a lot of time using brow pencils or applying brow-growing serums, it’s time to try something new. Eyebrow tinting can give you full, beautiful brows. The process is simple: our specialists will apply a safe, FDA-approved semi-permanent dye to your brows. We can sculpt and enhance your brows by darkening your hairs and creating a longer brow line, giving you a striking and beautiful appearance.
Our goal is to not just make your brows darker but to enhance your natural color.

How long does it take?

Before the process begins, we ask that you schedule an appointment with our spa technicians so we can examine your eyebrows in order to work with you to create the exact look you desire.
Once we begin the procedure, we’ll clean your brows to remove dead skin and loose hairs and apply petroleum jelly around the treatment area so that the dye does not color other areas of your face.

Once that is done, we’ll apply two layers of dye, the first follows your hairline and the second goes against the grain. The dye will be allowed to sit for a few minutes to achieve the desired color, then removed.

The whole process takes approximately fifteen minutes.

When will I see the results?

Right away. It is important to not get your brows wet twelve hours after the treatment, as this may cause the dye to run. If any dye is applied outside of the desired area, you should be able to wash it off after a day or two.

After your treatment, avoid exfoliating the area or using oil-based cleansers. Otherwise, you’ll be able to return to your regular beauty routine.