Eliminate spider veins

If you’re tired of those red varicose veins in your legs or face – Laser Beauty and MedSpa Centers offers an effective treatment to break up those spider veins for good. Sclerotherapy is a simple, non-laser treatment that works fast. We inject a simple saline solution in the veins, which causes them to collapse whereupon they’ll be reabsorbed by the body. If you’ve wanted to eliminate varicose veins now is your chance. Schedule an appointment today!

What is involved with the procedure?

Varicose veins are a natural byproduct of aging. Typically, you’ll see reddish, purple, or even blue veins running through your legs. With the injection of saline, the veins will be broken up. Each injection can cover an inch of surface skin, so multiple injections may be required.

Is there any downtime?

Typically, no. Most patients can return to work as long as they avoid strenuous activity. You may also be given special bandages that’ll be applied to the injection sites.

What are the effects?

The effects of sclerotherapy treatment are remarkable. The treated varicose veins will disappear, and the results are likely permanent. Give yourself the gift of beautiful, flawless skin. Call Laser beauty and MedSpa Center today!