Microchanneling Hair Restoration

Regrow your hair with our microchanneling hair restoration process

If you’re suffering from the effects of male pattern baldness, you can restore your lost hair with our one-of-a-kind microchanneling scalp treatment. You can have a fuller head of hair without the use of prescription drugs. The process uses ultra-fine needles to penetrate deep into the scalp and create hundreds of small, microchannels. The creation of these channels stimulates the healing process and with continuous use of regrowth hair serum you’ll notice an increase in follicle production.

What is the required aftercare?

After your appointment, you will want to treat the area with a combination of scalp treatments that we will provide you. The ProCell and Livra Hair Regrowth serum will be absorbed into your scalp. The microchanneling process is required for the growth serums to be properly absorbed as the process allows them to penetrate up to three hundred percent deeper into your scalp. This will allow for the creation of new hair follicles that will produce full and thick hair.
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When will I see the results?

Hair takes longer to regrow than similar treatments to the skin, but you should see noticeable results within two to three months.

Does it hurt?

Usually, it is not necessary to use topical anesthetics or any other type of pain control medication during the procedure. Many clients feel a tightening of the skin within the treatment area, but there should be no lingering pain or discomfort.